In this package,  you will get a free day of my time by committing to an extended programme of visits.

The Package - Paid, Unpaid & Impact

As your Writer in Residence, I will do 25 hours of work for the price of 20. The timescale of the Residency is up to you - you could pack it all into one week of intensive work or spread it out over two years, perhaps using 5 hours per term for 5 terms, bearing in mind that the more visits you have, the more expenses you will incur for petrol and overnight stays ( if required ).

Here are some ideas for the kind of work I might do:

· Writing for Pleasure:

o Create poetry, prose or plays with all ages

o Work with your Writers' Group on a specific project

o Novel writing - aimed at the prolific writers or at Sixth Form

· Writing for the Curriculum:

o Kick-start stories for GCSE or Sixth Form

o Creative springboards from work in other departments such as History or Art

· Reading for Pleasure:

o Promote titles on local book awards

o Inspire your Carnegie Shadowers with a drama session based on the short list

o Joint sessions with partner schools

o 'Book Grab' sessions, promoting borrowing and library use by other departments

· Reading for the Curriculum:

o Launch a class reader for the English Dept

o Promote a whole-school read

o Work with disengaged pupils to inspire them to visit the library

· Other:

o Host & speak at presentation evenings

o Lead classroom sessions by Skype

o Give talks / read poetry in assemblies

· Unpaid Work:

o Write a newsletter for the library

o Contribute my own pieces to your website or in-house publications

o Dedicate space to you on my own website

o Blog and tweet to promote and support the school

o Contact with the press

o Set & judge writing competitions

Costings - Fee

The fee is £1000 for the contact time, so effectively 5 days for the price of 4. (My standard fee is £250 per day.) With a Residency package, you can also split up the hours over shorter visits - I normally charge a higher rate per hour for short visits, but as your Writer in Residence, it's a flat rate of £50 per hour, however short each visit may be. If budget allows beyond the 25 hours, you can keep the Residency going for as long as you like at the £50 per hour rate, providing that you book a visit at least once a term. If you were to reach 45 hours, you'd get another 5 free.

Costings - Expenses from CA12

Depending on where you are, you will also need to factor in the expenses for each visit during the Residency. I live in Keswick, Cumbria, charging 20p per mile petrol. You can work out how much it will cost you by checking out the return mileage on Google Maps, then multiplying by 20p and rounding to the nearest £5. You can save a bit on this by fitting in with my Tour Weeks which I publish on my Availability page.

Some examples of petrol costs:

Blackpool - £35

Ripon, Newcastle, Bolton - £40

Bradford - £45

Salford, Manchester - £50

Doncaster, Edinburgh - £55

Derby, Nottingham - £75

Bristol, Aberdeen - £110

Reading - £120

London - £125

Farnborough, Hants - £130

Portsmouth, Exeter - £140

Dover - £160

For an early start, I may need overnight expenses for accommodation & food. I always look for the best deal, so may get cheaper, but for estimating purposes, it's normally a maximum of £60 in the North, £70 in the Midlands, £85 in the South and £100 in London. The more visits you plan to have, the more expenses you will have to allow for when budgeting. If you are close enough, one way to avoid overnight costs could be to start me a bit later, perhaps having 4 hours of contact time on a day visit or having a combination of school + after-school time.

I can invoice you in advance of the work or at 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 hours completed, whichever suits you and your Finance Dept the best. As the last 5 hours are free, the final invoice will be expenses only, no fee.

As your Writer in Residence, my focus will be on the power of the written word. I may concurrently be undertaking similar Residencies in other schools across the UK. I will undoubtedly be also promoting the power of reading as part of my work with you, but if you are also interested in appointing a writer who will focus primarily on reading, then go to to see who is available. I am currently Patron of Reading at Ripon Grammar School, having completed 14 months in the role at Titus Salt School, Bradford.